Install Reckon Accounts 2017

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Reckon is one the best new generation online accounting software. Running a business has become more easy and affordable using this software. It has salient features to provide extra power in case of larger businesses. If you are a new user to install Reckon accounts Reckon Technical Support has provided these installation instructions before going through the process:

  1. Log on to your computer as an Administrator.
  2. Exit from all the opened programs.
  3. If the internet is connected deselect it.
  4. Turn off all the enabled AntiVirus software and firewall.

Now follow these steps to install Reckon Accounts 2017:

  • Insert the DVD of Reckon Accounts 2017 into the DVD DRIVE. If the installation doesn’t start, go to Start in the Windows taskbar and click Run. Enter D:\autorun.exe and click OK.
  • Select your region (country).
  • Click New User and then select Install menu on the left-hand side.
  • To install the software now click Here or for installing trial version click Trial.
  • Click the option titled as My Virus scan has been disabled and then hit Begin.
  • After reading the license and agreement click I accept the terms in the license agreement and hit the Next button.
  • Provide the key code (can be found on the cover of DVD) and again click Next.
  • Select the type of installation and then hit the Install button.
  • You may get a prompt to install Microsfot.NET Runtime, get it and select Next > Next > choose your installation folder > next.
  • Select Install > Finish.
  • A reboot may require depending upon the PC configuration and edition of Reckon accounts. If you are prompted then reboot it to finish the installation.
  • Double-click the software’s icon and create a new company file or browse features using the sample company file.

When you have successfully installed the software you can:

  1. Enable the turned off software and firewall.
  2. Connect to the Internet.
  3. And activate the software by connected to certified technicians of Reckon Technical Support.

Call Reckon Customer Support phone number +64-048879113 and get professional assistance related to your software. Informative solutions and innovative ideas will be provided by our experts to resolve your any query or doubt regarding this blog or any other issue while using our product.



Export Transactions from Bank Account to import in Reckon Account


Reckon has solved the trouble of maintaining and managing bank accounts and records without the fear of any manual mistake. The procedure of exporting transactions to the file which can be imported into the Reckon accounting software will be slightly different from that of bank, although the process is quite similar.

What you can do is look for the website for ‘exporting transactions (your bank) and it will provide you with the links of important web pages for the process.

What is the common process for exporting the transactions from bank account to Reckon accounting software? 

Follow the below steps for exporting and importing transactions-

  1. Once you have sign in your bank account, make a list of transactions.
  2. Click on Search button after choosing ‘Select a date ranger’.
  3. You will see a list of all the transactions at the bottom of the page along with some functions. Click on ‘Select Export:’ option.
  4. On ‘Export’ tab, click on the drop down arrow for seeing the menu and then choose QIF (Quicken AUS, 2004 and earlier).
    • Select it if you are provided with only one QIF format.
    • Choose dd/mm/yyyy if you have been given a date format option.
    • Who are using Reckon One can also use ‘CSV’ option (like MS Excel).
  5. Now click on the ‘Export transactions’ button and your file will be saved in the downloads folder.

If you are using Reckon Accounts Business and Hosted then you can import the files by going through Banking> Import Bank Statement and then follow the instructions.

While Reckon One users, go to the Bank Accounts screen, within the bank ledger account click on the Actions button. Then choose the ‘Upload Transactions’ option and follow the instructions.

With the help of above steps, you can easily export and import transactions in Reckon accounting software easily.

Reckon Support New Zealand team is here to help you with every step.

If you need any assistance or want to discuss any problem with the experts and professionals then you can reach them by dialing Reckon Customer Support Number 048879113. Our team assures you to get the desired help and will try to fix any issue you are dealing with. You can reach us through email support or live chat as well. Our experienced and skilled staff assures you to get the appropriate solutions once you contact us.

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How Does Revert Use Successfully In Reckon?

Reckon is one of the successful accounting software that provides its users perfect accuracy in its calculation. If you open an invoice, sales receipt or any other file to make changes onto it but mistakenly you have made the changes that you didn’t want to do. Using a “Revert” option you can revert or restore a file to its original document.

We are describing you some steps that will help you in correcting a document or a file to its original state. In case, you get stuck somewhere in doing so then contact Reckon support New Zealand team .

Revert an invoice

When you are on an invoice form in Reckon, you will find a small button available next to “Save and New” option. When you open a saved invoice to make changes like add items, delete items or change the price. If you have mistakenly made the changes that you didn’t wish to modify, then click on “Revert” button and your invoice will return to its first saved description.

Revert a sales script

This process of revert a sales script is quite similar to an invoice; you will find “Revert” on same position of your screen. The only difference you will find a sales receipt is prepared at the time when a customer is paying for products and services and there you don’t need to return to save sales script to make changes.

Other documents

It can only read “Revert” when you need to return to a form that has been saved. Whereas “Revert” returns a file to its original form and “Clears” delete the entire form.

One can make use of the given information to undo a document if you have mistakenly made the changes to a document. In case, you face some issues or stuck somewhere then it’s better to connect with an expert by dialing Reckon Technical Support number 048879113. Experts listen to your queries and solve them in moments.

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How to Fix Reckon Accounts Business Printing Issues?

You have queued up files for printing but cannot. It creates a bundle of hell of files which can’t be printed.

The question lies in how to fix printing issues by locating qbprint.qbp and the WPR.ini print documents for deletion.

Below are the methods with which you can find the documents and delete them.

Windows 7 & Vista:

You can search and delete the documents in 2 locations-

  • C:\Users\All Users\Intuit\QuickBooks xxxx-xx and C:\Program Data\Intuit\ReckonAccounts xxxx-xx.
  • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\ReckonAccounts 2013

How to look out for these files-

  1. Go to Windows start menu and then Computer.
  2. In the top right-hand side of the screen, in Search computer type and enter: QBPRINT.QBP.
  3. All QBPRINT.QBP files will be displayed on the screen after the search is completed.
  4. Select all the searched documents and delete them.
  5. Repeat the same steps for removing WPR.INI.

Windows XP:

You can find these files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks xxxx-xx (in this ‘x’ defines the year of QBs version presently in use).

How to search the documents:

  1. Go to Search option after clicking on Windows Start.
  2. Select All Files and Folders.
  3. Now go to More Advanced Options.
  4. Search subfolders after selecting Search hidden documents and folders.
  5. Enter QBPRINT.QBP in either all or part of the file name.
  6. Select Local Hard Drives (C:) from Look in Field.
  7. Select Search.
  8. Right click on QBPRINT.QBP files and remove them from the search result window.
  9. Repeat the process for deleting WPR.INI.

With the help of above mentioned steps, you can locate and delete the files that are blocking the process of printing.

Reckon Technical Support number +64-04-8879113 is here at your service

If you are looking for technical support for your Reckon issues and errors then get in touch with the technicians and experts of Reckon Customer Support New Zealand.  If you are unable to perform the above steps then our professionals will help you in resolving and fixing the printing issue. You can also reach our team via live chat as we are available there for 24/7.

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How to fix Error -6177, 0 or -6000, -83?

How disturbing is that while working you faces an error or a message from the software. Same thing you might encounter when Reckon Accounts Business tries to access the company file. In such situations you will see such errors:

‘An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the document. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support and provide them with the following error codes: (-6177, 0) or (-6000, -83).’

It is displayed only when you don’t have access to particular folders where all company documents are stored. You should have read/write access as well as rights of creating and delete the folder where company document is stored if you want to use Accounts Business in multi-user environment.

There are three solutions for fixing the errors:

a. Check and amend the permissions of mapped network drive-

  • Remove the Network Company file.
  • Make sure that QuickBooks Services are running on the system.
  • Set the access of the documents stored location.
  • Now configure the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Try to open the file stored on File Server from the computer where Accounts Business is installed. The issue will be resolved if the Reckon open the document.

b. Deactivate the hosting on all workstations which don’t store company file-

  • Open the QuickBooks on the system that doesn’t store the document.
  • Select File> Utilities
  • Close the QuickBooks.
  • Again perform the Step 2 in all workstations.
  • The system on which error occurred; try to open the document on that computer. The issue is resolved if document opens successfully.

c. Open the file using a local hard drive after you have toggled the hosting on and off, if Accounts Business is installed on the server.

  • On server open the QuickBooks.
  • Select File> Utilities> Stop Hosting Multi-User Access. For confirming, tap Yes.
  • Close the QBs and then again open it.
  • Go to File > Utilities > Host Multi-User Access. Select Yes. Now, open the documents.
  • Open the document on the computer where error appeared.

Reach Reckon Support for resolving the errors you are facing with the accounting software. You can dial Reckon Customer Care Number NZ +64-04-8879113 to have a direct conversation with the technicians.

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What is Reckon’s SMSF?

Before jumping to Reckon SMSF, let us have a quick look on what is SMSF is?

A Self Managed Super Fund is a type of superannuation grant which offer members control over their savings for retirement over other types of funds. Here, control implies great investment choice and control over the investments. It enables you to pay retirement benefits like pensions and annuities from the fund itself.

What is the Requirement of SMSF?

With Reckon, you can get a full range of quality SMSF Deeds. The documents required for the new deed if choosing Electronic option-

  • SMSF Trust Deed
  • Letter of Compliance
  • Investment Strategy
  • Product Disclosure Statement
  • Trustee Consent/ Declaration Form
  • Instruction Pack
  • Trustee Minutes
  • Notification to Contributing Employer
  • Death Benefit Nomination Forms
  • Bank Pack
  • Application for Membership

Why Reckon Self Managed Super Fund?

It gives special attention to each document you provide and assures you-

  • Free Legal Help- We offer free advice on legal factors of the purchased document over phone.
  • Fast Delivery- We make sure you to receive an email within 15 minutes and delivering printed documents next business day according to the time of order.
  • Our access is quite easy. The mode of ordering is easy and secure.
  • Professional documents prepared by top law firms.

What are the Types of Reckon SMSF-

There are two forms of deeds offered are-

  • Standard- Amongst the popular product.
  • Strategist- It is premium deed, managed by Hunt & Hunt to integrate future strategic options and applying current strategies.
  • As the business environment is dynamic, nothing stays permanent. So, with these amendments as they need to be replacing, amend or update. Reckon Docs updates the existing deeds keeping in mind the client’s requirements and checked by the renowned lawyers.

Contact Reckon Support New Zealand +64-800995025 Regarding Details.

You can call us if you are interested in knowing about the trust deeds. Our team is willing to help you at Reckon Support Number NZ +64-800995025. Our professionals are here to guide and assist you about the software as well as its products.

If you want to get any kind of help related to your accounting software then contact Reckon Support.